Working With Enterprise Ireland


Enterprise Ireland’s commitment to multinational food companies is long-term, and does not end once funding, talent or locations have been sourced. That means ongoing support and advice across the lifecycle of any project, and continued collaboration on future-facing strategies.

Support Over the Long Term


Enterprise Ireland is a partner that provides support over the lifetime of any investment, ensuring it matches the continued commercial objectives of investors. Enterprise Ireland offers a range of services for your company, and partners with you as you establish and scale your operations in Ireland. Supports include:

  • One-to-One Support: Ongoing access to one-to-one support from a dedicated advisor with sector expertise.
  • Connect to Businesses: Our industry experts understand your requirements and match you with a shortlist of Irish service providers that can deliver on them.
  • Direct Introductions: Through our connected regional network we make direct introductions to the right people in Irish companies, enhancing and simplifying your experience.
  • Access to Innovation: As one of the world’s largest seed capital investors, we help develop a pipeline of cutting-edge Irish companies.
  • Gateway to Knowledge: Gain access to Enterprise Ireland’s Market Research Centre, sector knowledge events, and industry experts.
  • Financial Support: Funding to support training plans that facilitate transformation.

Support  Starts Here


Enterprise Ireland’s advisors offer significant sector knowledge and business consulting expertise. They have a long track record in supporting some the world’s largest food and beverage multinationals as they innovate and grow. Enterprise Ireland’s advisors will provide advice and support in areas including talent acquisition, R&D expertise, location evaluation, and professional service providers.

Enterprise Ireland has a global network of 40 offices. To contact the Enterprise Ireland team in your region, email

About Enterprise Ireland


Enterprise Ireland is the Irish government’s trade and innovation agency, operating from 40 global offices. Since 1998, Enterprise Ireland has built successful and long-term relationships with some of the world’s leading food and beverage multinationals. Through ongoing one-to-one support, Enterprise Ireland assists investors in identifying investment opportunities, developing R&D centres and growing production facilities. Enterprise Ireland acts as a trusted advisor on academic partnerships, joint ventures, technology, talent acquisition and more. Enterprise Ireland is also a gateway to significant central government and EU support.


To learn more, download the Enterprise Ireland food and beverage prospectus, ‘Ireland: Where Food Evolves‘.